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Arduino & IQRF SPI demo

Arduino and IQRF title

This demo application describes how to connect the IQRF module to the Arduino. Data are transferred over 4-wire SPI bus, IQRF SPI protocol is used. IQRF module works with 3V logic, Arduino can work with 5V or 3V logic. For 3V to 5V logic connection a level converter is required. This article shows two ways for lever convertor implementation:

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Addressable one-wire RF thermometer

ddc-se-01One-wire thermometer is one of most popular application for advanced-beginner working with any embedded platforms. Of course, you can find similar example for IQRF in start-up package too.

I tried this example, but I was unsatisfied. This example periodicaly starts temperature conversion and transmition. But if you need more sensors, collision may occur. Fortunately, the improvement is not so complicated.

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