New IQRF IDE v4.46 released!

The IQRF IDE is a software tool for programming IQRF wireless modules and setting up your wireless network. Now there is a new version which brings many new features and bug fixes available.

Bugs fixed

  • Terminal – DPA Test window did not allow to set PCMD higher than 0x3F.
  • Terminal Log window did not allow to open the Packet Inspector by double click on the last record in the log.
  • Limitation on the maximal number of characters in the Terminal – Data to send field did not work correctly in case of Use Numbers feature enabled.
  • Limitation on the maximal number of bytes in the Terminal – DPA Test – PDATA field and macros did not work correctly.
  • Minor repairs and improvements.

Changes and enhancements

  • IQRF Repository options added in the Tools – Options menu.
  • MPLAB X supported as an external source code editor.
  • New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.6 FREE edition.
  • Copy packet to the Terminal as ASCII / HEX / DEC feature added to the packet popup menu in the Terminal Log window.
  • Default compiler build options changed from -a -bu -Q -Vn -cif -dc to -a -gb -GS -Vn -cif -dc -AH.
  • Data displaying (NADR and HWPID) in the Terminal – DPA Test macros changed from big-endian to little-endian.
  • All Terminal modes display number of entered / maximal number of characters.
  • TR Module Information window (Ctrl+M) displays IBK (Individual Bonding Key).
  • Build option consultant added in the Project Properties – Build window to monitor CC5X option settings.
  • The UDP communication channel timing optimized.

Features Added

  • IQRF Repository supported (beta):
    • PIQRF IDE displays the manufacturer and product name of IQRF Standard products according to the HWPID.
    • PIQRF IDE updates a list of embedded and IQRF standard DPA peripherals and commands according to the actual specifications.
    • PIQMESH Network Manager allows checking the availability of Custom DPA Handler updates for IQRF Standard products.
    • PIQMESH Network Manager allows the OTA update of Custom DPA handlers in IQRF Standard products.

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