IQRF defined language and auto-completion III

notepad_logoThis post brings updated files for IQRF defined language syntax highlight and auto-completion for Notepad++ text editor. Syntax highlight and auto-completion for DPA 2.26 and OS 3.08 (TR-7x) has been added. You can use same installation procedure as in previous post. Tested on Notepad++ v.6.9

 New features:

  1. Auto-completion offers all DPA structures


2. New data types, macros, CC5X compiler directives
3. Fixed known bugs
4. DPA structures syntax highlight bugs fixed


Tip: You can use right mouse click to syntax change… but … if you want to switch between two IQRF syntax, you have to choose another programming language syntax before…



Download Attachments

  • zip IQRF DPA 2.26
    File size: 30 KB Downloads: 1068
  • zip IQRF 3.08
    File size: 23 KB Downloads: 870

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