Remote controller with PCA9535 V2.0

IMG_9431miniTwo years ago I published post about Remote controller with PCA9535. This device was not without some disadvantages, of course. Some of them: not accurate board outline, IQRF module orientation, through-hole push buttons. Now I have finished new version with some improvements, which replaces disadvantages mentioned above.

Schematic design remains the same as before. All changes was done in layout way:

  • SMT push-button style was used.
  • TR module is oriented to the opposite side compared to previous state.
  • PCB layout was changed. Now it is based on DWG drawing of enclosure manufacturer.
  • Antenna board cutout was added for better antenna performance.
  • Notice box in silkscreen layer for serial number or channel number was added.

As mentioned above, schematic design remains the same as before. So, you do not have to change program for TR-module or target application. Following picture shows new PCB design.


Gerber files and Assembly drawings are attached. Gerber files are prepared for Itead Studio PCB prototyping service.

Download Attachments

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