Wireless DAC with TR-52D and AS1500

as1500_headerI like TR-52D modules, but I was disappointed of their DAC capabilities inherited from used MCU. Fortunately we have several ways, how to fix this issue. One of them is AS1500 digital potentiometer usage. It is very simple (from programming view) device and not so expensive. Following example is only draft. For fully functional circuit, some additional hardware is required.

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Wireless UART: how to connect your ARM based linux board

swMarcello Gesmundo (yoovant) wrote:

“The microcontrollers almost always have one UART port, but haven’t (by default) the hardware needed to connect in wireless to other devices: to do this you can make a wireless UART. Using a couple of RF transceiver you can easy connect your Acme Systems Terra board to a PC or another device using a RF serial connection and Node. The Acme System Terra is a complete device based on the Aria G25 module System On Module (SOM) equipped with an Atmel AT91SAMG25.”

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SOS webinar – IQRF in practice

info_icoHow to make your product wireless. Simply!

Programme of webinar:
Practical demonstration of development of your wireless solution with IQRF Data Controlled Transceivers and IQRF development tools.
Over the webinar you will get a full picture how to work with IQRF – from opening the first development set till development of your own peripherals and control software.

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