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Remote controller with PCA9535 V2.0

IMG_9431miniTwo years ago I published post about Remote controller with PCA9535. This device was not without some disadvantages, of course. Some of them: not accurate board outline, IQRF module orientation, through-hole push buttons. Now I have finished new version with some improvements, which replaces disadvantages mentioned above.

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IQRF defined language and auto-completion for Notepad++

notepad_logoIf you are not daily user of IQRF modules, probably you often find that you have to look into reference manual for correct function names and parameters. If you want to simplify work with IQRF OS functions, this article is just for you. This post describes how to install IQRF syntax highlight and auto-completion into Notepad ++ (from 6.6.6 version).

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Wireless DAC with TR-52D and AS1500

as1500_headerI like TR-52D modules, but I was disappointed of their DAC capabilities inherited from used MCU. Fortunately we have several ways, how to fix this issue. One of them is AS1500 digital potentiometer usage. It is very simple (from programming view) device and not so expensive. Following example is only draft. For fully functional circuit, some additional hardware is required.

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