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Wireless UART: how to connect your ARM based linux board

swMarcello Gesmundo (yoovant) wrote:

“The microcontrollers almost always have one UART port, but haven’t (by default) the hardware needed to connect in wireless to other devices: to do this you can make a wireless UART. Using a couple of RF transceiver you can easy connect your Acme Systems Terra board to a PC or another device using a RF serial connection and Node. The Acme System Terra is a complete device based on the Aria G25 module System On Module (SOM) equipped with an Atmel AT91SAMG25.”

 More at Yoovant blog.

Connecting Serial RAM

swThere are certain applications that need more RAM than IQRF TR module can provide. Then a SPI serial RAM comes in handy.

A library described below uses bit banging technique to connect serial SPI RAM to any free MCU pins thus keeping SPI slave interface free for other purposes. In our example we use 256K memory 23A256/23K256 from MICROCHIP. A different type with the same protocol or different capacity can be used too.

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Arduino & IQRF SPI demo

Arduino and IQRF title

This demo application describes how to connect the IQRF module to the Arduino. Data are transferred over 4-wire SPI bus, IQRF SPI protocol is used. IQRF module works with 3V logic, Arduino can work with 5V or 3V logic. For 3V to 5V logic connection a level converter is required. This article shows two ways for lever convertor implementation:

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