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Improvements in the IQRF technology

How to ensure that the sensors run on batteries for more than 10 years, while providing measured values every minute? Find out more in the interview.

Interview with Hynek Syrovatka from IQRF Alliance and Ivona Spurna.

A nice day to all listeners, today I would like to welcome Hynek Syrovatka, who is, among other things, the technical director of the IQRF Alliance.

Hynek, IQRF technology has got further improvements in recent months. Those who are interested have probably heard of beaming, local FRC, and so on. Can you explain these functions, so that even people who have not heard of IQRF yet understand what they are for, what practical applications they are suitable for?

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IQRF Wireless Challenge II Finals

conntest_podkladIQRF Wireless Challenge II, the contest for the best wireless applications, revealed its winners. There were 47 contestants from 14 countries registered in the contest. The final round was an interactive exhibition of the top ten projects. It took placeat the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on May 27, 2016. The best applications were designed by participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

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Remote controller with PCA9535 V2.0

IMG_9431miniTwo years ago I published post about Remote controller with PCA9535. This device was not without some disadvantages, of course. Some of them: not accurate board outline, IQRF module orientation, through-hole push buttons. Now I have finished new version with some improvements, which replaces disadvantages mentioned above.

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