Data aggregating from Beaming sensors

Beaming sensor is a Node device working in Offline mode (see just below), and communicating unidirectionally and asynchronously with Aggregating repeaters only.

An Aggregating repeater is a repeater providing not only a common routing but additionally concurrently serves as an interface to collect and forward data from Beaming sensors.

A Beaming sensor, once bonded, works in Offline mode. It is sleeping all the time and periodically or on some event asynchronously sends data to all Aggregating repeaters which are in direct RF range. Aggregating repeaters always store the last received data from every repeater into the log memory and automatically clear it after reading out. The data can be read out synchronously by the Coordinator using the Offline FRC. The Offline FRC is an analogy to the common FRC intended to read out common (non-Beaming) sensors. The data incoming to the Coordinator has the same format as from common (non-Beaming) sensors.

Local sensors work at the same RF channel as the entire IQMESH network which may cause unwanted interference. In some cases, an LBT (Listen Before Talk) check performed before the asynchronous packet is sent may help.

The Beaming sensors communicate unidirectionally and no confirmation is provided. More on

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