IQRF DALI Bridge – make obsolete lights smart

Are you interested in making your lights smart? You can now do it quickly thanks to the IQRF DALI Bridge.

MICRORISC s.r.o. introduces the IQRF DALI Bridge device for connecting your DALI lights to the IQRF wireless mesh network.

You can plug the IQRF DALI Bridge into your light with the DALI interface. Send DALI commands to control the lights (switching off, switching on, changing the intensity of lighting, etc.) via the IQRF wireless network. The IQRF is capable of connecting up to 239 lights into one network which can be then remotely controlled and monitored.

Using the IQRF to communicate with the lights enables you to use it as a backbone network for other devices such as AC units, heating, air quality etc.

Check where you can learn more about robust wireless connectivity for DALI devices and how to make obsolete light a smart light.

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