IQRF Alliance presented at KKRRiT Multiconference

On Friday, September 18th, IQRF Alliance had a pleasure to participate and promote IQRF technology at the MULTICONFERENCE of the National Environment Tele- and Radiocommunication.

The MULTICONFERENCE is the most important conference for radio and telecommunication in Poland.

The representative of the IQRF Alliance presented the article “Implementation of wireless sensor network with the use of IQRF technology”. This article was created in cooperation with the Opole University of Technology that is one of members of the IQRF Alliance.

Abstract of the article:

“The subject of the article is a description of the use of the IQRF® platform to implement a wireless WSN network. IQRF® technology has enabled the construction of a sensor network with the possibility of reconfiguration. The theoretical part contains a description of the IQRF® hardware solutions used. The practical scope includes the description of the WSN network project implemented in building P3 of the Opole University of Technology. A wireless network consisting of 10 IQRF® modules was launched. The configured radio modules were placed in selected rooms on all five floors of the building for testing. Tests included measuring the transmission delay time of the measurement data package and the RSSI level.”

The article will be possibe to download soon after official relesed.

Authors: Ph.D eng. Sławomir PLUTA, eng. Patryk ROSZKOWSKI, MSC eng. Piotr ANTOŃCZYK

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