What is IQRF wireless technology?

IQRF is a technology for low power, low speed, low data volume, reliable and easy to use wireless connectivity in sub-GHz ISM bands, ranging tens and hundreds of meters (up to several kilometers in special cases or in networks) e.g. for telemetry, industrial control and automation of buildings and cities (street lights, parking etc.). It can be used with any electronic equipment, whenever there is a need for wireless transfer, e.g. remote control or monitoring of remotely acquired data. The highest IQRF strength is in wireless networks. Typical IQRF usage is IoT. IQRF is extremely easy to implement.

IQRF Transceivers

IQRF transceiver

IQRF is based on wireless RF transceivers (TR). Operating system (OS) supporting Mesh networking makes them powerful but unusually easy to apply. Specific functionality can be achieved by application SW placed by the user into the internal MCU.

Mesh network

In addition to normal operation, every TR can route packets for other Nodes to prolong the range and increase the reliability (Mesh network). Thus, for IQRF, dedicated repeaters are optional but not necessary. IQRF networking is very sophisticated, utilizes a lot of unique patented features but still remains outstandingly easy to implement.

Find more information on www.iqrf.org.

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