IQRF development software

Integrated development environment by IQRF Tech to create, debug and control IQRF applications and manage the IQRF network. Required minimal IQRF IDE version depends on IQRF OS version of given TR transceiver and possibly also on the DPA version. See IQRF IDE Release notes. The best way is to always use the latest IDE version.

USB drivers
IQRF USB devices (e.g. CK-USB-04A) primarily utilize Custom class (with VID / PID by IQRF Tech when used with IQRF devices). Several IQRF USB devices (e.g. GW-USB-06) can also (optionally) use the CDC class. (CDC is not necessary for IQRF startup.)
USB drivers implemented in current IQRF devices (e.g. CK-USB-04A or GW-USB-06 with up-to-date firmware) are by the verified publisher based on the WinUSB by Microsoft.

C compiler for the PIC microcontrollers (by B Knudsen Data). The evaluation version (included in the IQRF Startup package) is free. The compiler is not necessary when using DPA plug-ins without Custom DPA Handler creation or modification.

Text editor
For source code creation and modification, any external editor being able to save a plain ASCII text, e.g. Windows Notepad can be used. Notepad++ (a great source code editor, free by GPL License) is very recommended. Download it from

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