IQRF Alliance brought a real IoT to IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

The IQRF Alliance brought a live demo board with members‘ products to IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018 in Amsterdam. This is Europe’s largest and leading IoT event.

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018 was a two-day event visited by the leading companies in IoT, IoT professionals and overall more than 8000 attendees. Visitors could learn the latest innovations in an IoT area thanks to over 300 speakers and also from more than 300 exhibitors.

AAEON Europe, the member of the IQRF Alliance, was one of these exhibitors and kindly invited the IQRF Alliance to represent members’ products with the live demo board at their booth.

Visitors indeed enjoyed the live demo. It was one of the few real portfolios of products among thousands of promises all around. Interested visitors could try to remotely control the smart power socket by Netio or to breath on the carbon dioxide sensor by Protronix and watch how their breath is changing the data visualized in Node-RED based UI made by JOTIO.

The whole demo was running on AAEON’s UP2 board PC powerful enough to be a gateway of the IQRF network and also run the Ubilinux with data visualization on a local server.

Moreover, Rens Wouters from AAEON was one of the speakers and presented about Artificial Intelligence in front of a full hall.


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