IQRF application areas

IQRF is usable almost with any equipment and almost in any application where low speed and low data volume wireless is needed, ranging tens or hundreds of meters (up to several kilometers in special cases or in networks), either simple peer-to-peer(for just two or a few devices) as well as in huge complex networks (up to hundreds or even thousands of devices). No infrastructure is needed.

IQRF can be used by almost anyone, from garage hobbyists to hi-tech giants. But it is primarily intended for manufacturers. Worldwide interoperability of products with IQRF inside is ensured by IQRF Alliance.

IQRF domain

  • Packet oriented communication. E.g. a 64 B payload data packet can be sent in about 40 ms to another device in range. Hopping to end point out of direct range via other (up to 239) network nodes is possible (with corresponding delay).
  • Low power consumption enables battery operated devices with lifetime of number of years.
    • Outstanding 15 µA while receiving (in consumption optimized XLP mode).
    • Even better is 330 µA while receiving combined with 380 nA while precisely timed sleeping.
  • Mesh networks (with redundant paths providing reliable throughput).
  • Semistatic topology. The most user-friendly (fully automated) networking algorithm requires fixed (not moving) routing devicesEnd devices are fully relocatable. However, topologies with all devices moving are also possible.

IQRF suits best for:

  • Control applications where end devices are managed and monitored from a central point.
  • Telemetry – data collection from end devices (sensors etc.). Acquired data can transparently be forwarded to Internet and stored in Cloud depository accessible from anywhere. End devices in the network can also be managed remotely via the cloud.
  • Automation of processes
  • Intelligent buildings and cities. One of the most successful IQRF field is lighting and especially street lighting.
  • Internet of Things

Other areas

IQRF is suitable in almost all thinkable branches indeed, even in a lot of not expected ones. Selection from existing projects: catfish attractordeer detractorbig cats safeguard for a zoo and data (temperature, pH and redox potential) measured via the IQRF sensor put in the cow’s stomach.

IQRF is not suitable for:

  • Large data volume or high speed data streaming
  • Long distances (1 kilometer order of magnitude, per hop, typically). However, with precise directional antennas arrangement, even several kilometers per hop are possible.
  • Devices providing very simple tasks (unidirectional etc.), e.g. car door openers, to be produced in high volumes (unless being a part of a higher smart system). But, if you prefer the shortest development time, IQRF is suitable even for the simplest tasks.

IQRF connectivity to rest of the world

IQRF is not anything like:

  • WiFi
    For data streaming and Internet connectivity
  • Bluetooth
    For high data volumes, high speed but very short range
  • GPRS
    For data volumes, almost worldwide coverage, with infrastructure and carrier fees

However, it is easily possible to interconnect these (and other) standards with IQRF (often via IQRF plug-and-play gateways).

Moreover, IQRF is easily connectable to almost any computational equipment, either full-featured computers, tablets etc. or to small intelligent embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, chipKIT, PlugPC, Arduino, BeagleBone, …) as well as to standalone MCUs. IQRF SDK open source SW package is available for devices programmable in CC++Python or Java.

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