Testing driver’s reflexes with smart cones

The IQRF wireless technology is used as a base of the Smart Cone Challenge.

Smart Cone Challenge is a dynamically responsive test, which involves a system of randomly lighted gates that test a driver’s skill and response times.

The Smartcone system is based on the IQRF wireless mesh network, uses Inertial GPS Navigation, custom HW and SW to record a driver’s performance.

Whole case study at www.iqrfalliance.org.

Stirling Paatz, Managing Director of Selective Fidelity Simulation – “Thank you very much for your help over the last couple of years. The Smartcone system has been very successful, and now have 24 sets in heavy use all over the world. What is probably of particular interest to you, is how solid and reliable the IQRF networking has been, and I think we have only had maybe two nodes fail in service, and even then it is possible they were destroyed by vehicles!”

More about Smart Cone challenge.

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