Air quality monitoring in a Prague school


Because of the assumption that there is a bad air in schools, and therefore students have concentration problems, Protronix and his partners (O2 IT Services, IQRF Alliance, MICRORISC, Camea, …) decided to make a long-term 4-months measurement. The CO2, temperature and relative humidity values were monitored. They were continuously analyzed and finally followed by recommendations for ventilation.


This solution consists of 10 combined sensors of CO2, temperature and relative humidity, and an IQRF wireless mesh network for data transfer, a gateway enabling data transfer from the IQRF network to TCP/IP network, a data storage and a web application with visualization of measured data.


As a result, it was found that minimum recommended values of relative air humidity had not been reached for most of the schooltime and maximum allowed CO2 values had been exceeded for almost half of the time. These variables and their values are directly linked to the concentration and health of students.

The IQRF network is easy to install, so installation of all sensors and their subsequent removal took place within a very short time without disturbing the teaching. The entire large school for 600 students was covered by a network with 10 hops, although the IQRF network has more than 240 hops. Extention of additional sensors would be easy.

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