New IQRF Startup package released

MICRORISC released new version of the IQRF Startup package. Update is available for OS v4.01D and DPA v3.01 at TR-7xD.

MICRORISC released new version of the IQRF Startup package with many new features listed below. TR and DCTR are not differentiated. Don’t forget that since August 1st you can buy DCTRs for price of TR. Part of the update is the IQRF Alliance DPA interoperable standard specification update.

IQRF OS v4.01D:

  • TR/DCTR fusion implemented.
  • TR upload extended and fully documented. See IQRF SPI Technical guide.
  • Fixed a bug in 2B FRC individual packets processing for not discovered Nodes in range with the Coordinator only.
  • Higer immunity against possible failure of RF IC.
  • Some minor improvements

See IQRF OS History and Migration notes.

DPA v3.01:

  • IQRF OS v4.01D supported.
  • HWP plug-in files renamed from GeneralHWP… to HWP…
  • HWP-Node-STD without Interface support available.
  • New features regarding BondingButton Event, Selective Batch and Clear & Write & Read Command.
  • UART Peripheral and UART Interface support also 230400 Baud rate.
  • Lots of other changes and enhancements.

See Release notes.

IQRF IDE v4.42:

  • IQRF OS 4.01D supported.
  • DPA v3.01 supported.
  • IQRF Alliance interoperability standard supported (beta).
  • Packet inspector enhanced.
  • GW-USB-06 FW 1.07 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
  • Upload of user application in CDC IQRF USB mode supported for IQRF OS 4.00D and higher.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

See Release notes.


  • All documentation updated for:
  • TR/DCTR fusion.
  • The IQRF developer/manufacturer change to IQRF Tech.
  • All TR datasheets slightly updated and revised. Mechanical drawings and recommended PCB layouts revised.
  • IQRF OS User’s and Reference guides updated for OS v4.01D.
  • IQRF SPI and IQRF CDC Technical guides revised. Chapter TR upload added into both of them.
  • IoT StarterKit-01 User’s guide available.

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