This post describes simple IQRF-USB interface. This device is based on FT230X device, which is USB to UART converter. So you can use gateway for example as coordinator of IQMESH network. Additional you can assemble STM32F100C4T6B MCU and write your own control application.

IQMESH USB Gateway schematic

IQMESH USB Gateway schematic

There are four main parts on the schematic:

  • IQRF module
  • FT230X USB – serial converter
  • ST F1 MCU
  • Power supply circuit.

Power supply is designed from low-cost TC1107 integrated circuit from Microchip. There is used version with 3.3V fixed output. IQRF module, MCU and indicators are powered from this power supply.

FT230X device is used as a part of typical circuit diagram from datasheet. External P-MOSFET is used for powering other devices from USB.

ST STM32F100C4T6B is used in the easiest way. Only power supply, crystal oscillator, LED outputs and two UARTs are connected. If you do not need MCU, just do not solder it. From this point of view there are two possibilities, how to use this board.

  • Without MCU, just assemble R11 and R12 resistors and do not assemble R9, R10, R13 and R14 resistors.
  • With MCU, just assemble R9, R10, R13 and R14 resistors and do not assemble R11 and R12 resistors.

MCU Software library for IQRF has not been finished yet, but I expect, I will finish it in two weeks.

Device is designed for Hammond 1550A enclosure. I expect, I will do some changes in sense of LED indicators improvement (other LEDs, light guides etc…)

Gerber files are attached.

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