IQRF defined language and auto-completion for Notepad++

notepad_logoIf you are not daily user of IQRF modules, probably you often find that you have to look into reference manual for correct function names and parameters. If you want to simplify work with IQRF OS functions, this article is just for you. This post describes how to install IQRF syntax highlight and auto-completion into Notepad ++ (from 6.6.6 version).

Example of syntax highlight:


Of course, you can change colors according your habits.


1. Copy file IQRF 3.06 syntax.xml (see attachment) to the %AppData%\Notepad++\ directory.


2. Copy file IQRF 3.06.xml (see attachment) to the installation folder of Notepad++, subfolder: \plugins\APIs\. In my case, the path is: c:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\.

3. Open menu: Language/Define your language…



4. Import previously copied IQRF 3.06 syntax.xml file (Just use Import button)

5. Confirmation should appear.


6. Restart Notepad++ and choose IQRF 3.06 syntax highlight in Language.


7. Allow Auto-completion in Settings/Preferences…/Auto-completion menu.

npp6Let Function parameters hint of input option checked.

How to use it

Just type first two character of some IQRF OS function, menu of possible keyword should appear:


Just write function name and left bracket and function description should appear:


Post sent by Petr Voborník.


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4 thoughts on “IQRF defined language and auto-completion for Notepad++

  1. JHO

    Note from W7 user (if it isn’t pure correct me please, but it’s working)
    Because the % AppData% directory is only in W8 or W8.1, in W7 any other directory is possible to use. It is necessary to set the right path for import “IQRF 3.06 “syntax.xml” file.

    1. Ondřej Karas

      I have the best Windows, which has beed released yet, Windows XP 🙂 and %AppData% directory works…

    1. Ondřej Karas

      Thank you, but it is not my work. Author of original text is Petr Voborník. I plan extend this files for DPA, I thing next month.


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