Small Relay Box II

relayboxschsplashTwo weeks ago, I published post about Small Relay Box. I made new and more useful version with NC and NO contacts…

Main features:

  • All contacts of relays (NC, NO, common) available.
  • PCB designed for small KP-45 box.



Component list:

  1. Chip capacitor 100uF/16V, package “A” – 3216 (C4, C1)
  2. Chip capacitor 100nF/50V, package 0805 (C2, C3)
  3. Diode 1N4148, package DO41 (DS)
  4. Linear regulator 78M05CDT, package DPAK (IC1)
  5. Relay RAYEX RSY-12 (RE1-RE4)
  6. IQRF DCTR-52DA + CON-SIM connector (IC3)
  7. ULN2803, package SOIC18-WIDE (IC5)
  8. FAST-ON connector, spacing 5mm

No software changes required.

Gerber files are attached.

I sent gerber files to Maker Studio. It seems, they have very low prices, so we will se…

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