New IQRF OS and DPA released !


Official IQRF website announced new release of IQRF OS, now in 3.06 version and new release of DPA, now in 2.10 version. New IQRF IDE in v4.20 and IQRF SDK v2.00 were released together with them. Let’s see what‘s new in

IQRF OS v3.06D

There are  improvements for IQMESH handling in LP and XLP modes mainly (from my point of view). Now there is possible to do bonding and discovery in these modes. So, You do not need perform jump to STD mode for these operations.

These are more improvements, like RFPGM LP mode, FRC enhancements, Forced LP routing, etc. For full list of new features refer OS migration page.

DPA v2.10

  • Some parameters capitalized: NADR, PNUM, PCMD, HwProfile renamed to HWPID.
  • Brown-out Reset disabled after device starts.
  • Extra 32 bytes added to both EEPROM and external EEPROM.
  • Variable DataOutBeforeResponseFRC type changed form uns16 to uns8[30].
  • UART interface uses another CRC (example above)
  • and more, please refer IQRF DPA Framework Technical Guide.
// One Wire CRC

static uns8 OneWireCrc;

// Updates crc at OneWireCrc variable, parameter value is an input data byte
void UpdateOneWireCrc( uns8 value @ W )
  OneWireCrc ^= value;
  #pragma update_RP 0 /* OFF */

  value = 0;

  if ( OneWireCrc.7 )
    value ^= 0x8c;    // 0x8C is reverse polynomial representation (normal 0x31)

  if ( OneWireCrc.6 )
    value ^= 0x46;   

  if ( OneWireCrc.5 )
    value ^= 0x23;   

  if ( OneWireCrc.4 )
    value ^= 0x9d;   

  if ( OneWireCrc.3 )
    value ^= 0xc2;   

  if ( OneWireCrc.2 )
    value ^= 0x61;    // ...

  if ( OneWireCrc.1 )   // 1 instruction
    value ^= 0xbc;    // 1 instruction

  if ( OneWireCrc.0 )   // 1 instruction
    value ^= 0x5e;    // 1 instruction

  OneWireCrc = value;   // 0 instructions

  #pragma update_RP 1 /* ON */

Before using the routines do not forget to initialize CRC accumulator variable to the initial value 0xFF.

IQRF IDE v4.20

IQRF IDE brings support of IQRF OS v3.06 and DPA 2.10 mainly. Moreover new gateways support was added: GW-GSM-02A, GW-ETH-02A, GW-WIFI-01, and for new TR-53D too. In addition USB Device Manager redesigned and renamed to IQRF Device Manager. For full list of features, please look at Release notes on IQRF IDE web page.

iqrf_device_managerimproved IQRF Device Manager Window.

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