DCTRs – Temperature measurement

dpa-principleToday, I am going to continue with DCTRs usage. I my older article: Addressable one-wire RF thermometer, I used DS18B20 assembled on DDC-SE-01. This example worked as addressable Point to point application. Now, we know, how to make IQMESH and we are able to use DPA. So let’s do it…

I suppose, You have bonded nodes from my previous post. If not, please, read this article, and do it. Today, we will use temp sensor assembled on TR module. Note, you must have TR-52DAT module.

It is good idea set RX filter to 5 (previous 35)

  1. Open IQRF IDE project from previous post.
  2. Insert node TRs into DK-EVAL-04 kits. If you have not enough DK-EVAL-04, it does not matter, anything that is able to to power TRs is sufficient.
  3. Insert coordinator TR into CK-EVAL-04(A).
  4. Place DK-EVAL-04 kits to desired positions within your house.
  5. Discovery IQMESH (Use the IQMESH Network Manager).
  6. Use predefined DPA message from Macros → Temp, UART, SPIGet temperature.
  7. This macro fills the Data to send in Terminal.
  8. The only one, what you have to change is address of target device.
  9. Sent it…

IQMESH_network_manager_002This is map of TRs placed inside my house.

Terminal log will show:

  1. Request (your DPA message from PC to coordinator).
  2. Confirmation (from coordinator).
  3. Response (from Node).

In my case:

IQMESH_network_manager_003Use the Packet inspector to check, what value was returned by node: IQMESH_network_manager_004As you can see, Confirmation and Response are very similar to original Request, but they are a little bit longer. The byte [8] is interesting for us. There is returned temperature. Try send request to another node. You will se, that DCTRs combined with DPA is very comfortable platform for this kind of project 🙂


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