Registered user rewards program

Activity of registered readers on this site is tracked. They collect user points for activity, and spend this points for rewards. The following lines shows the point value for activity.

  • site visit (you have to be logged in): 1 point per day
  • post/page comment: 5 points per approved comment
  • deleted comment (by moderators or yourself): -10 points per comment
  • published post: 250 points per approved and published post
  • high valuable post: 500 points per approved and published post. As high valuable could be considered post with own construction, interesting idea etc. It depends on moderators, which post will be considered as high valuable post.

What can you get for points:

  • 1pc of any IQRF DCTR module. (you can choose some of the modules from eshop (500 points).
  • 1pc of CK/DDC/DK dev tool. (you can choose some of the modules from eshop (1000 points).

Once you exceed 1000 points, you can publish post with your commercial IQRF connected products or services (once per three months).

Please contact us, if you have some questions or if you have enough points and you want to pick your reward. Final decision for reward approval or rejection in on site moderators.

These terms and conditions of Registered user rewards program are subject to change at anytime. All users will be noticed about changes through a post.

Please check rules at about page.

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