Upgrade IQRF transceivers for free!!

Email from IQRF.org:

IQRF Data Controlled Transceivers (DCTR) enable to apply wireless communication in an extremely easy way. Instead of programming, a specific functionality of transceivers is achieved just by data flow control. Make your standard IQRF transceivers “Data Controlled”.

All these standard IQRF transceivers are possible to get upgraded to DCTRs:
TR-52D, TR-52DA, TR-52DAT, TR-52DC, TR-52DT, TR-52DCT, TR-52D-433, TR-52DC-433, TR-54D, TR-54DA, TR-55DA, TR-56D, TR-56D-433, TR-56DA, TR-58DA-RJ

Just fill in the standard RMA procedure and send us your transceivers until the end of August 2014. Or you may contact your local distributor. You will pay the transportation costs only. Upgrade of IQRF transceivers to Data Controlled Transceivers is for free till the end of August 2014.*

For more information visit www.iqrf.org.

*Valid only for modules purchased before 1. 6. 2014.