RF PWM LED control

PWM_controllerThis is simple illustration how to build easy PWM LED control with IQRF TR module and a few other components.

This device is powered from 12V/6A DC power supply and can power up to 5m of LED strip. This device can be controlled via RF, buttons or potentiometer. RF controling is compatible with remote control device RC-04 wih low battery signalizing – fast 3 time LED blinking.


It’s recomended to connect potentiometer via short shield cable.



Code example:

// *********************************************************************
// *                            PWM-LED_B                              *
// *                              v1.01                                *
// *                            DPS v1.02                              *
// *********************************************************************
 press SW2 and SW1 to save actual PWM value from potentiometer to
 EEPROM and next start with SW1 to setting PWM value
 User define time to automatic off LEDs - TimeToOff, comment to disable
 // *********************************************************************

#include "../includes/template-basic.h" // System header files

// *********************************************************************
#define TR52D

#define ADC_filter    10       // potentiometer sensitivity - 1-15
                               // 1 ... maximal sensitivity
#define TimeToOff     14400    // 4h define automatic-off time in 
                               // seconds 1 - 65536									
                               // comment to disable
#define SW1    _C6_IN          // button S1 - on
#define SW2    _C7_IN          // button S2 - off
#define PWM    PORTC.6         // PWM output on pin C5
// *********************************************************************
interrupt userIntRoutine(void); 
// *********************************************************************
void InitHW(void);
void RFControl(void);
void Battery(void);
void ADControl(void);
void ButtonControl(void);
void InitPWM(void);
uns8 ReadADC(void);	
void setPWM(uns8 hodnota);
void TimeControl(void);    // auto turn off after user defined time
// *********************************************************************
uns8    i;				
uns8    ADC_value;    // old value of potentiometer
bit     ADC_enable;		
bit     ADC_control;  // 1 ... control via ADC
                      // 0 ... control via other - RF, button
uns8    ADC_actual;   // actual value of potentiometer				
uns8    PWM_value;
uns8    PWM_save;     // saved PWM value to eePROM on position 0
bit     batteryError; // 0 ... battery OK
                      // 1 ... battery error					
uns8    time;         // time counter
uns16   timerOff;	 
bit     TimeControlEnable;
// *********************************************************************
void APPLICATION()                     
    InitHW();    // initialization hardware
    InitPWM();   // Initialization PWM output

    ADC_value = ReadADC();    // read position of potentiometer
    while (!SW1 && !SW2);    // after reset
        if(checkRF(5)) RFControl();   // control via RF	
        Battery();                    // signalizing battery error	
        ADControl();                  // control via potentiometer
        ButtonControl();              // control via button
        // TR-52DA LED control:
        if (CCPR3L == PWM_value && CCPR3L != 0)
            _LEDG = 1;	
            _LEDG = 0;


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4 thoughts on “RF PWM LED control

  1. Tomik Post author

    Hi, you can use this device without potentiometer, you can easy comment ADControl() function in main program to disable it. If you can use potentiometer, it’s not volume control :D, but it’s control of LED intensity.

  2. expert

    and can you tell me on whitch freq it works? is possible to use it as driver for motor? thx a lot


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