Waterproof industrial gateway with IP68 certification

The IQRF Alliance which exhibits at embedded world 2018 exhibition can be found at AAEON’s booth. Visitors can try out the Smart city demo consisting of IQRF Alliance members’ products.

Very interesting is the AAEON’s industrial gateway with an IP68 waterproof certification which is also a part of the smart city demo.

Visitors can come to the AAEON’s booth and try the demo out using their smartphones accessing a control interface through a web browser (Grafana).

The demo contains also street light from DATmoLUX, CO2 sensor from Protronix, Netio smart power socket or environmental multi-sensor from Tesla Blatná.

Visitors can also control the demo using AAEON’s RTC (Rugged Tablet Computer). The connection can be set up in 1 minute.


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IQRF Repository available in beta version

The IQRF Repository serves as one place for all drivers, standards, DPA commands and more.

The repository provides information about and relations between IQRF ecosystem objects such as companies, products, DPA handlers, standards, OS, DPA etc.

The repository is developed in REST API with JSON and is utilized by GWs, clouds, IQRF IDE and more.


There are three levels of integration:

      1. Recognize products, companies,…
      2. Keep products up-to-date
      3. Use drivers


Visit repository.iqrfalliance.org/api for detailed documentation. The repository is now in beta version and there are many things to be added and changed.

New transceivers for fire alarms released!

New transceivers TR-77D are intended for a use in fire alarms and similar demanding applications have been released.

TR-77D series transceivers have high resistivity against external interferences and noise, extended blocking of unwanted signals and therefore can be used in fire alarms and similar demanding applications. Thanks to its low power consumption, the transceiver can last long on battery and be truly wireless.

More information about transceivers here. Updated IQRF OS User’s guide and Reference guide for TR-77D here.



IQRF products and solutions at IQRF Forum

Rehivetech and other IQRF Alliance members are creating communication threads about their products at forum.iqrfalliance.org.

IQRF Alliance has introduced a brand new platform for communication not only for members of the alliance but for everyone who is interested in the IQRF wireless technology – IQRF Forum.

Visit the forum and ask questions directly to the device manufacturers or integrators.

The latest forum thread is about device management system by RehiveTech.

60+ participants at IQRF Meetup in Prague

More than 60 participants have visited the IQRF Meetup in Prague organized by the IQRF Alliance for Czech and Slovak members and IQRF enthusiasts.

The IQRF Meetup has been held in Prague for the first time and had great success. Over 60 people listened to the latest news about the IQRF wireless technology and presented their companies and businesses.

There was enough time for networking during the evening including a tasty dinner, so the visitors shared their offers and requests with others and thus building bases of possible future cooperation.

The IQRF Alliance team is working on next events for members and IQRF enthusiasts. Check Events for more.

Thank you for coming!


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Successful IoT seminar at CTU Prague is over

Participants of the IoT seminar at CTU in Prague learned detailed information about the IQRF technology and how does the IQRF wireless network work.

IoT seminar at CTU in Prague organized by the IQRF Alliance was attended by more than 50 people who are interested in the IQRF wireless technology.

Technical experts from IQRF Tech and Jotio defined the IQRF wireless technology, use cases and possible types of use. Participants learned about real devices, components or how to program own IoT network in Node-RED.

In the second part of the IoT seminar, participants had an opportunity to try out UP boards and IQRF modules in three-hour hands-on workshop.

Thanks to the supervision of IQRF experts, participants successfully built their own IoT wireless network in just a few minutes.

Participants were surprised by a robustness of the IQRF wireless technology because despite tens of the IQRF modules were communicating in 10 networks in one classroom, not a single network had any issues.

We are pleased by your feedback and your interest in IoT seminars and workshops so we will continue in organizing them.

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Interview with Simon Chudoba at AAEON’s booth at IoT World Congress

Watch an interview with Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance, at AAEON Europe’s booth at IoT World Congress in Barcelona.

At the 2017 edition of the IoT World Congress in Barcelona, Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance, shared his opinion about IoT related key technologies and their application. The IQRF Alliance is here to help its members to penetrate the market with these technologies and thus increase their market share.


IQRF DPA example forms basis for GW on MCUs without OS

There is a new option for all who would like to use the IQRF wireless technology with a gateway which doesn’t need any operating system.

As part of the development of the DPA library for the popular Arduino development tool, a concept has emerged for how to use any gateway without an operating system in an IQRF wireless network. The concept can be used for any MCU without OS in general.

A device you desire to use as the gateway uses the connection via MQTT broker and works with messages in IQRF JSON format for communication. According to lack of any sufficient security layer provided by Arduino, this example is not intended for communication with a cloud. The Arduino communicates only with local MQTT broker due to insufficient security. Security layer can be added e.g. by using mbed TLS library https://tls.mbed.org/.

If you are interested in this type of GW, you can download a published example at GitHub.

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IQRF Alliance Meetup in ONE week!

IQRF Alliance Meetup for Czech and Slovak members and IQRF enthusiasts in one week!

Your positive feedback on the last Meetup made the IQRF Alliance to prepare another Meetup, now in Prague. Once again the meetup is aimed at Czech and Slovak members of the IQRF Alliance and IQRF technology enthusiasts.

The program will be very similar to the first meetup. During a networking dinner, guests will present their progress with devices based on the IQRF wireless technology, learn the latest news around the IQRF and have an opportunity to network with other members or IQRF enthusiasts.

Moreover, the main topic will be the IQRF Summit 2018. The participants will get detailed information on the IQRF Summit 2018 and tips how to prepare their presentations.


Where: Potrefená Husa (Resslova 1, Praha)

When: 1. 2. 2018, 16:00 – 22:00

Accommodation: IQRF Alliance Team will stay at Caesar Prague Hotel


Register here


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