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DCTRs for price of TR

Since August 1st, 2017, all IQRF transceivers support DPA functionality (easy integration, compatibility, interoperability) at no extra costs.

Using DCTRs (Data Controlled Transceivers) extremely simplifies and speeds up implementation of wireless connectivity and enables interoperability of devices from different vendors. DPA framework provides advanced tools and services such as OTA upgrades, mesh networking, remote service and much more.

AAEON and IQRF webinar in 2 days

Webinar about IoT solutions based on the IQRF wireless technology organized by AAEON Europe and the IQRF Alliance is really near.

The webinar hosted by Marco Barbato from AAEON Europe and Šimon Chudoba from the IQRF Alliance is coming on this Friday – September 1st at 14:00 (Amsterdam, GMT + 01:00).

In this webinar, the hosts will provide an update about AAEON & IQRF solutions which can help customers to achieve the results in different vertical markets.



Presenter: Marco Barbato, Director of PSM & Technical Department
Šimon Chudoba, CEO of IQRF Alliance
Date and Time: Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 14:00 (Amsterdam, GMT +01:00)
Program: AAEON + IQRF solutions for IoT
Duration: 60 minutes


New IQRF Startup package released

MICRORISC released new version of the IQRF Startup package. Update is available for OS v4.01D and DPA v3.01 at TR-7xD.

MICRORISC released new version of the IQRF Startup package with many new features listed below. TR and DCTR are not differentiated. Don’t forget that since August 1st you can buy DCTRs for price of TR. Part of the update is the IQRF Alliance DPA interoperable standard specification update.

IQRF OS v4.01D:

  • TR/DCTR fusion implemented.
  • TR upload extended and fully documented. See IQRF SPI Technical guide.
  • Fixed a bug in 2B FRC individual packets processing for not discovered Nodes in range with the Coordinator only.
  • Higer immunity against possible failure of RF IC.
  • Some minor improvements

See IQRF OS History and Migration notes.

DPA v3.01:

  • IQRF OS v4.01D supported.
  • HWP plug-in files renamed from GeneralHWP… to HWP…
  • HWP-Node-STD without Interface support available.
  • New features regarding BondingButton Event, Selective Batch and Clear & Write & Read Command.
  • UART Peripheral and UART Interface support also 230400 Baud rate.
  • Lots of other changes and enhancements.

See Release notes.

IQRF IDE v4.42:

  • IQRF OS 4.01D supported.
  • DPA v3.01 supported.
  • IQRF Alliance interoperability standard supported (beta).
  • Packet inspector enhanced.
  • GW-USB-06 FW 1.07 added to the IQRF Device Manager.
  • Upload of user application in CDC IQRF USB mode supported for IQRF OS 4.00D and higher.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

See Release notes.


  • All documentation updated for:
  • TR/DCTR fusion.
  • The IQRF developer/manufacturer change to IQRF Tech.
  • All TR datasheets slightly updated and revised. Mechanical drawings and recommended PCB layouts revised.
  • IQRF OS User’s and Reference guides updated for OS v4.01D.
  • IQRF SPI and IQRF CDC Technical guides revised. Chapter TR upload added into both of them.
  • IoT StarterKit-01 User’s guide available.

Thinking about the wireless IoT application? Take advantage of the IoT Starter Kit!

We used the new IoT Starter Kit to get the sensor data and turn on / off relays. The application can be easily complemented by additional HW and SW extensions.

Because all necessary software and services are already ready for it and made available to the public, the development of the wireless IoT application is easy and fast. Tutorials are also available for the kit, which will take us through all the basic steps.

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IQRF Summit 2017 – early birds prices available until the end of March only!

IQRF Alliance and partners invite you at a two-day summit where you can expect more than 30 interactive presentations and 12 hands-on workshops from the IoT field. You will find here real examples from areas of smart cities, smart buildings and homes, industry, security and transportation.

Among the presenters you will find representatives from companies such as Microsoft, O2, AAEON, NETIO products, MICRORISC, Aledo, Protronix, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, RehiveTech and many others.


Date: June 7th to 8th, 2017

Location: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague



Solutions presented at the Summit are based on the IQRF technology, one of the leading wireless mesh networking technologies on the market. IQRF operates on sub gigahertz ISM bands to collect small data from devices and/or to control them. Extremely low power consumption of this platform enables devices to work on batteries for many years. There are hundreds of thousands devices running on this mature technology since 2008.

Among the topics presented you can find here solutions of parking, lighting, temperature monitoring with energy savings, sensory monitoring of indoor air quality, industry safety and much more.

One of the key topics presented here is a system for remote monitoring and management of an IQRF network through a gateway with installed client software. Monitoring data are sent to the back-end in a cloud to be processed and visualized and remote devices to be controlled. This solution enables operators to solve most of the necessary operating interventions remotely, including software upgrades and changes in a device configuration in the IQRF network. Experts in work with sensoric data, among other things, will show how you can work with gathered data in case of failure of connection to the Internet.

The Summit will host the final of the international competition IQRF Wireless Challenge III and authors of the best projects will present their solution to the professional public.

Moreover, there will be a networking event enabling informal meetings of all participants, discussion on interesting topics and establishing new business partnerships.



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IQRF Wireless Challenge III

The IQRF Alliance announced a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III in the best new wireless applications. The contest closes on 21st May 2017 and the final competition of the best projects will be held at the IQRF Summit 2017, Prague in June 2017. The contest just joined new partners ranking among the most renowned technical companies.

The new partners are CETIN, O2 and Zyxel. CETIN is not only provider of mobile technologies but also of fixed SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies. O2 is a major integrated operator in the Czech Republic. Zyxel is global manufacturer of DSL and other networking devices located. The main sponsor is MICRORISC with a support of companies AAEON, Netio, Microsoft, and Protronix.

The major rewards include modern development tools from the world of wireless technologies and IoT. The best technicians may be offered a job. IQRF development sets and tools are available with 30% discount for all participants thanks to the program IQRF Smart School.

This contest is organized in cooperation with several European technical Universities and many respected expert journals and institutions. Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has involved this contest in the official list of important competitions that are beneficial to high schools and students.

For more information, go to

partneri unor

IQRF Wireless Challenge II Finals

conntest_podkladIQRF Wireless Challenge II, the contest for the best wireless applications, revealed its winners. There were 47 contestants from 14 countries registered in the contest. The final round was an interactive exhibition of the top ten projects. It took placeat the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on May 27, 2016. The best applications were designed by participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

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IQRF defined language and auto-completion for Notepad++ II

notepad_logoThis post brings updated files for IQRF defined language syntax highlight and auto-completion for Notepad++ text editor. DPA syntax highlight and auto-completion for DPA 2.13 has been added. There are not only functions highlight, but variables, constants and structures has been added too. Notepad++ 6.6.6 and newer is required. You can use same installation procedure as in previous post.

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