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IQRF Traffic Lights for BMX

Today, we are going to tell something about wireless traffic lights for BMX races. Here it is necessary to control a pair of riders, so they does not enter both on the track simultaneously to avoid collision. This traffic lights alternately allows to enter one of drivers to track, then 10 seconds is red color on both devices (entrances) and then driver from the second entrance is allowed to enter the track.

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Wireless DAC with TR-52D and AS1500

as1500_headerI like TR-52D modules, but I was disappointed of their DAC capabilities inherited from used MCU. Fortunately we have several ways, how to fix this issue. One of them is AS1500 digital potentiometer usage. It is very simple (from programming view) device and not so expensive. Following example is only draft. For fully functional circuit, some additional hardware is required.

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Connecting Serial RAM

swThere are certain applications that need more RAM than IQRF TR module can provide. Then a SPI serial RAM comes in handy.

A library described below uses bit banging technique to connect serial SPI RAM to any free MCU pins thus keeping SPI slave interface free for other purposes. In our example we use 256K memory 23A256/23K256 from MICROCHIP. A different type with the same protocol or different capacity can be used too.

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