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Using timing functions I – startDelay() and isDelay()

swThis post demonstrates, how to use functions startDelay() and isDelay(). It is a response for questions from visitors of this website. At beginning I am going to show you, how to use simple startDelay() and isDelay() functions combination for red LED blinking. Then we will do some simple but useful temperature measurement application.

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IQRF defined language and auto-completion for Notepad++ II

notepad_logoThis post brings updated files for IQRF defined language syntax highlight and auto-completion for Notepad++ text editor. DPA syntax highlight and auto-completion for DPA 2.13 has been added. There are not only functions highlight, but variables, constants and structures has been added too. Notepad++ 6.6.6 and newer is required. You can use same installation procedure as in previous post.

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