Implement IQRF easily thanks to DPA

The IQRF wireless technology is easy to implement and deploy, whether it is your product or the whole running solution. This is thanks to the DPA.

What is DPA?

DPA is a part of a three-layer IQRF architecture (IQRF OS, DPA, Custom DPA Handler). All TR transceivers support implementation without programming. By using a ready-to-use SW plug-in instead of a user-specific application SW, the device is controlled just by sending and receiving commands and data via a simple protocol (called Direct Peripheral Access, DPA). Then the implementation is even much easier. Full networking is completely ready. Just the addresses must be specified and then the packets are delivered transparently.

How it works?

IQMESH network is controlled by the DPA protocol from a control system connected to the Coordinator via the SPI or UART interface. The communication in IQMESH is primarily intended as the synchronous one: Request – Response.

  • For the first familiarization with DPA communication, using a TR transceiver plugged in the CK-USB-04A kit with IQRF IDE as a control system is recommended.
  • In real applications, the control system is usually integrated with the host of the Coordinator into single equipment (gateway), often linked up to additional high-level services

DPA communication is possible:

  • Locally – with the Coordinator (by wires)
    • The control system sends a DPA Request to the Coordinator
    • The Coordinator returns a DPA Response.
  • Remotely – with a Node in the network (through the Coordinator, wirelessly)
    • The control system sends a DPA Request to given Node
    • The Coordinator returns a DPA Confirmation.
    • The Node returns a DPA Response.

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