Presentations and photos from the IQRF Summit 2019

Photos and presentations from the IQRF Summit 2019 in one place. Remind yourself the presentations and view all the photos.

Day 1

IQRF AllianceIoT Deployment = nightmare Not any more!
IQRF TechTowards IQRF® open standard
IQRF AllianceMaking deployment easier with new DPA features
IQRF TechIQRF Gateway
AAEON EuropeArtificial Intelligence on the Edge
LogimicOpen Edge Gateway, Abstraction layer for IQRF gateways
FM ConwayCompany introduction
OmniolyticsCommercial Poultry in South Africa, Water and Air quality monitoring & analysis
České RadiokomunikaceAddressing strategic segments, Joint-approach for Complex use-cases
VFNIoT deployment in hospital / Solution architecture
tcp / MICRORISCRadar & IQRF based car & people counters

Day 2

MyMightI measure, therefore I am. What next?
4IOTECHIQRF Interoperability
Wroclaw University of Science and TechnologyOpportunities and challenges for teaching of smart wireless technologies
Austyn InternationalCompany introduction
Findlay IrvineEarthworks Monitoring System
ProtronixInternal Air Quality sensors
VŠB-TUODevelopment of Monitoring Systems Based on IQRF Technology at the Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
MAKERSCompany introduction


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