IQRF IDE usage

IQRF IDE environment integrates all SW tools needed for application development (and a lot of utilities for the following
control, maintenance and service). It is project oriented. Thus, a Project containing necessary definitions and files must be
specified first. Default Projects are available for immediate start. Project definition files have the .IQRFPRJ extension. See
IQRF IDE Help for details.


Programming and uploading procedure

Programming – a creation of a user-specific IQRF application program.

  • Editing – creation/modification of source code in C language.
  • Compilation – compiling the source program from C language to .HEX machine code.
  • Upload – uploading the code into the TR:
    • TR Configuration
    • Application code
      • Either a DPA plug-in, optionally with a Custom DPA Handler
      • Or a user-specific application.

Wireless upload (RFPGM) is also possible – see IQRF OS User’s guide, Appendix RFPGM and IQRF OS Reference guide, function RFPGM.

Other development, test and service utilities

  • Debug – allows to stop program execution and watch internal variables (break, watch and continue).
  • Terminal – utility to control serial communication.
  • Packet inspector decoding and interpreting packets logged in Terminal Log window.
  • Network management, visualization, testing, scanner, QR Code generator, …

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