IQRF case studies, products and details

Are you interested in the IQRF technology and would you like to test it or buy some devices?

Visit the IQRF Alliance website at where you can find case studies from various companies that used the IQRF wireless technology in their projects or devices and services on a Marketplace with all its technical details.

The IQRF Alliance is an international community of companies, schools and innovation centers that are using the IQRF wireless technology in their IoT projects, smart building, and smart city areas. The main goal of the IQRF Alliance is to help its members with promotion and sales leading to increasing the market share. Because together we are stronger!

You can also visit the IQRF Shop at where you can buy many IQRF devices from various manufacturers in one place. There are also discounts up to 70 EUR for IQRF Alliance members.

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