Let‘s learn how to ventilate properly to maintain a low level of CO2 in schools and kindergartens

RehiveTech, a spin-off of the Brno Technical University and member of the IQRF Alliance, installed its smart indoor air quality monitoring system in several schools and kindergartens in Brno, and the results were very interesting.

At the beginning of the project, an analysis of the environment has shown that CO2 levels in rooms are gradually increasing, a phenomenon that is common in every room inhabited by people and not ventilated properly. Unfortunately, higher levels of this gas cause drowsiness, headache, and a lack of concentration. In their own interest, people should watch the level of CO2 that should not exceed the 1500 ppm hygienic limit set by a decree.

The deployed system consisted of a CO2 sensor (A) that provided data via the IoT system (B) to the central application where the data was evaluated. The control commands were regularly sent back, influencing the color of the light, which was in the form of a likable cloud (C) present in a class. The light signalized how healthy the environment was by changing colors. Children and staff have instructions on how to behave in any color state. They learned how to maintain the CO2 level low by only proper ventilation.

Three months later, the experimental shutdown of the signaling light followed, and the measurements surprisingly showed that the local staff had learned to control their indoor air themselves and that no unacceptably high levels of CO2 were measured.

The system can also recommend or not to open windows based on a weather forecast or ambient air data.

RehiveTech, a member of IQRF Alliance, develops this system for offices where within a single AuroraHub system it is possible not only to measure the air quality but also to solve the security of rooms, attendance, and mandatory staff breaks, e.g. with smart bracelets including the necessary documentation. More at www.aurorahub.io.


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