IQRF Meetup with over 90 IoT professionals

More than 90 IoT professionals came to the IQRF Meetup in South Moravian region.

The IQRF Meetup became very popular among the members of the IQRF Alliance during the years. This time the meetup was attended by more than 90 representatives not only from companies that are members of the Alliance but also from companies that for example heard about the IQRF wireless technology for the first time but are interested in it.

The event was held in Hotel Volarik in town Mikulov, South Moravian Region (CZ) and started with two blocks of presentations where the IQRF team introduced new features (Smart Connect, IQRF Network Manager mobile app, IQRF Daemon 2, etc.), devices (GWs, etc.) and also vision where should the IQRF technology be heading. The second block was dedicated for representatives from various companies all over the Europe who had time to introduce their company, what they do, what they can offer to others and what they need from the community.

Based on the experiences from previous years, we know that it is all about networking. The best networking is of course done while eating and drinking something tasty, so the whole group moved to the nearby wine cellar. Attendees enjoyed the wine degustation and started to discuss possible cooperation with companies they didn’t even know a few hours ago.

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