IQRF DPA example forms basis for GW on MCUs without OS

There is a new option for all who would like to use the IQRF wireless technology with a gateway which doesn’t need any operating system.

As part of the development of the DPA library for the popular Arduino development tool, a concept has emerged for how to use any gateway without an operating system in an IQRF wireless network. The concept can be used for any MCU without OS in general.

A device you desire to use as the gateway uses the connection via MQTT broker and works with messages in IQRF JSON format for communication. According to lack of any sufficient security layer provided by Arduino, this example is not intended for communication with a cloud. The Arduino communicates only with local MQTT broker due to insufficient security. Security layer can be added e.g. by using mbed TLS library

If you are interested in this type of GW, you can download a published example at GitHub.

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