DAVOS MATRIX by CTI Software brings AI to IoT

Last year DAVOS MATRIX started its presence within IoT as an intelligent service that can call you on your mobile phone as soon as the emergency situation detected by wireless sensors develops. Now it has made a big step forward integrating the IQRF wireless technology.

Thanks to the presence of the IQRF wireless technology, the system has completely new functionality. Our intelligent lighting control allows remote management of public lighting and industrial luminaires, including monitoring of unusual operating conditions. It is designed for all types of luminaires.

In addition to automatic behavior of the lighting system, it is possible to change the settings of individual luminaires manually by an authorized user. If the luminaire provides the option of adjusting various lighting intensities (dimming), this parameter can be changed as well.

The control unit (including IQRF gateway) communicates with all the luminaires wirelessly via the IQRF meshnetwork. At a short point in time, it sends all the IQRF receiving modules in the luminaires requests to change settings or query the current status. The IQRF receiving modules send back to the control unit responses to its requests and, moreover, transmit all memorized error states since the last communication.

IQRF receiving module can be placed directly inside the luminaire’s construction if the dimensions allow it, or attached to a plastic pocket above the luminaire (via the NEMAconnector). The receiving module checks the connected luminaire for its functioning. At defined intervals, the drawn current is measured. It can then evaluate deterioration or degradation of the luminaire in order to prevent an early failure.

Next to this project we plan to use the IQRF technology also in our air quality sensors as it is the best solution for local stationary deployments. Together with our telephonyalarmnotification service DAVOS MATRIX can bring an excellent added value for many IQRF based devices and solutions.

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