OS upgrades can be done by the user!

os-upgradeFrom OS v3.06D, upgrades can be done by the user oneself, using IQRF IDE v4.30 (menu Tools – Change IQRF OS Wizard) or higher. Downgrades (down to v3.06D or higher) are possible as well. Whole process is very simple and this short article shows you, how to do it.



  • Just start IQRF IDE version 4.30 and newer.
  • Open some project or create new project. (I do not know why, just do it).
  • Use Tools → Change IQRF OS Wizard.

oschange1Use “Next” button 🙂

oschange2Select SPI or RF programing mode. I use CK-USB-04, so I selected SPI…

oschange3Insert TR module

oschange4Choose desired IQRF OS version


Uploading IQRF OS application….

oschange6In my case, green one lit, so everything is OK. I have a new FW version now!

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