Wireless temperature data logger III

dpa_temperaturelogsplashI have posted two articles about temperature loggers. But these loggers had one big lack. They had no decent GUI. So, I sat down and made one. And there is…
It is based on DPA Terminal published before. So it was not as difficult as it might seem.

A new tab, Temperature logger has been added to DPA terminal. There is ZedGraph control for temperature visualisation. This control allows, scaling, bitmap saving, printing a more and more. This control is published on Source Forge.

dpa_temperaturelogYou can read temperature once (manual reading), or you can enable Continuous reading.

This software has no continuity to previous posts. There is used simple temperature reading by PNUM = 0x0A and PCMD = 0x00. 12-bit temperature value Data[2:1] with 0.0625°C per unit is used.

Full source code and compiled project are attached.

Download Attachments

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