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dpa_terminal_scrsh2Two weeks ago, I published post about DPA .NET class. This class is useful for everyone, who would like to work on own PC application for communication with DPA coordinator. I used this class in my new tool for DPA application testing. This tool has name DPA Terminal. This software is published with full source codes. So, If you want, you can use it and change it against your needs.

Now, DPA terminal is in test phase. Only Simple terminal tab is functional now. But I hope that in following weeks I will finish rest of tabs for DoItWireless construction control. The application requires .NET 2.0 framework, but I believe, you have it.

This app is from user point of view similar to DPA Test in IQRF IDE Terminal window. You can use context menu for all entries like NADR, PNUM, PCMD, HWP. Just choose serial port, communication speed, click on Open button and you can send commands for coordinator.

dpa_terminal_scrshI had to change DPA .NET class, namely IQRF_DPA_Handler.cs file. There are some new enums now for NADRs, PNUMs, PCMDs and HWPIDs. For example:

public enum DPA_NODE_CMD : byte
    CMD_NODE_READ = 0,
    CMD_GET_PER_INFO = 0x3f

Please check updated IQRF_DPA_Handler.cs file.

Full Microsoft Visual C# Express project and compiled files are attached.

If you have some tips, what I could I add, change or improve inside DPA Terminal, please let me know. I will be very happy if I get interesting tips.

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