XMAS 2014 special offer

xmas2014splashMICRORISC prepared special XMAS 2014 offer for everyone who want to test new TR-72DA modules. Just order DS-DPA-01 or DS-START-03 development sets and you will get 3 samples of TR-72DA.

There are simple conditions:

  • Order DS-DPA-01 or DS-START-03 and you will get 3 samples of TR-72DA.
  • Order must be made until 24th December 2014.
  • Deliveries can be expected in January 2015.
  • Just send us your requirement at sales@iqrf.org or make standard e-shop order with a note about XMAS special offer in “Detailed instructions” column.


  • tr-72daHigh RF power alternative (12.5 mW) to TR-52D
  • External serial EEPROM 16 KB
  • Optional precision temperature sensor
  • Optional on-board PCB antenna
  • 2 LEDs
  • 6 I/O pins
  • Power supply 3.1 – 5.3 V
  • SIM card format

Now, Samples available in EAP (Early Adopter Program) on request.

2 thoughts on “XMAS 2014 special offer

  1. Ondřej Karas

    I think YES. Higher power usually means better range coverage. If you look to the datasheet, there is more than 500m. But It depends on several conditions (indoor/outdoor), antena position etc… I have no experience with TR-72D yet.


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