Bidirectional wireless telegraph

telegraph_headerMaybe some of you read post Morse code for IQRF. Now, we are going to show, how to do simple bidirectional wireless telegraph within a few seconds. You need only some motherboard for IQRF TR module with assembled button, for example DK-EVAL-04 or CK-USB-04.

Source code is very simple. If incoming packet i received, then LED is set according to data. On the other side, if button is pressed, packet with “1” is sent, otherwise “0” is sent. Full source code is available at the end of post.

#include "includes/template-basic.h"

    _LEDR = 0;     // Initialization
    toutRF = 10;   // Response max. 100 ms (10 ticks)
    while (1)
        if (RFRXpacket()) // If RF packet received
            if (bufferRF[0]) //then: 0 received?
                _LEDR = 1;   //No, LED on
                _LEDR = 0;   //Yes, LED off
            _LEDR = 0; // No receipt for a long time, LED off
        if (buttonPressed)    // Copy the state 
            bufferRF[0] = 1;  //to data to transmit
            bufferRF[0] = 0;
        DLEN = 1;      // 1 B packet length
        RFTXpacket();  // RF transmit


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    Wireless telegraph source code
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